** Secret Sex Culture **

Love Hotels, sex dolls, Shibari rope bondage, tentacle porn and more! Japan definitely has its fair share of “interesting” components to its sex culture. Some of these things are showcased in the exhibit I visited, Erotopia Japan, by Japanese photographer Kyoich Tsuzuki. He has photographed hundreds of love hotel rooms, and it was really interesting to see the variety of themes and decor--spaceships, farms, royal palaces, the wild west, something for everyone! I was even able to touch (after sanitizing my hands of course) an eerliy lifelike high end 'love doll'. It was a creepy sensation because it felt like real skin but cold and dead. And although I had just sanitized my hands, they now felt dirty again, but the kind of 'dirty' you can't wash off...apparently when you touch a creepy sex doll in a museum, it stains you....unless you're into that sort of thing.

* For Adult viewing only! Images may be disturbing to some viewers…there are boobs, so if you’re bothered by boobs—don’t look. If you’re delicate or sexually repressed, don’t look, these pictures are not for you! You've been warned! *