Meguro Gajoen

Just what is the Meguro Gajoen?  A hotel, a museum, a restaurant, a wedding event center? Could it possibly be all of those things....apparently yes.

  • Hotel...If you can handle the hefty price tag, you can stay here.
  • Museum...there are art displays throughout the building, many exhibits are featured in the rooms along the Stairway of a Hundred Steps.
  • Restaurant...there are at least 6 (that I know of) top-notch restaurants in the building.
  • Event Center...including weddings (lots of them!), plus business conferences, and other functions

The only thing I partook in was the museum. I walked the Stairway of a Hundred Steps (that actually only has 99) and visited the different rooms, each showcasing a different artist/art form. It was a real mixture of things from origami to fashion, but all were beautiful and interesting. Maybe next time I visit I can afford a meal here and then maybe someday a room!