I ate a PABLO Cheese Tart, be jealous.

I ate a PABLO Cheese Tart, be jealous.

No seriously, you really should be jealous. If you haven’t had the pleasure of having the fluffy, smooth filling of a rare Pablo cheese tart melt in your mouth, you just haven’t lived.

What is a cheese tart you may be asking yourself? Allow me to explain.

For lack of a better explanation, it’s like an undercooked cheesecake. Imagine if cheesecake and Cool Whip got together and had a baby inside a phyllo dough crust. That bundle of joy would be a Pablo cheese tart. (If that doesn’t sound like heaven, you must be dead inside. Just close this browser window and go far away—there is no helping you.)

Pablo specializes in the cheese tart. Yes, there are other things on their menu, but I don’t know if any of it’s any good. I don’t care because I only want THE TART! The basic tart has two types, rare or medium (there is also usually a seasonal version with some type of fruit or flavoring). I always go with the rare because that’s where the magic happens. When you finally get it home and slice into it….that lightly sweet fluffy filling starts to ooze out much like cutting into a piece of gooey baked brie cheese! Mmmm.

If gooey isn’t your thing, you could always try the medium. It looks much more solid, but I am assuming it is still probably just as light and creamy. The crust has the perfect amount of crispness to it with out overpowering the filling. The tart is topped with a yellow layer of glaze (I think mango?), which is the sweetest part because the filling itself is really not.

I love New York cheesecake, but it’s so dense and rich that I usually can’t even finish one slice—this cheese tart has the opposite problem. I read that some locations have “personal sized” tarts—which I guess implies that this size is not a single serving? It’s maybe about 7 inches wide? They said it could feed like 4-5 people, but honestly, it is so light, I could probably eat it all by myself. I say just get the regular size, find someplace private, eat the whole thing, discreetly dispose of all packaging, and take a long nap before anyone comes home. (I’m not speaking from experience, but I’m not ruling it out for the future.)