Tokyo Disneyland

I am by no means a ‘Disney Fan.’  This means that I am probably the last person who should write anything about visiting Tokyo Disney, but I'm gonna do it anyways!

Since I don’t really have a lot of reference points for comparison, I’ll just note some of my generic observations and understandings. First of all, just like regular Disney parks, it was loaded with kids--so strike one. I have to say though that it wasn’t a very crowded day, the line waits were minimal, and I only saw a few total meltdown/tantrums…thank god. I think that most things are the same as regular Disney parks too, there are the same ‘lands’, same rides, same foods (so I’ve been told). I think one of the only differences I knew about were these cool popcorn buckets that you buy at different popcorn carts, each featuring different flavors (I really wanted to try the curry flavor, but didn’t finish my first flavor in time). Of course they cost like a thousand dollars, just kidding, it was really like $25, but you know everything there is ridiculously overpriced--strike 2.

The thing that stuck with me the most about my visit though, was the complete and total ‘fandom’ that so many people had for specific characters, and just Disney as a whole. I mean, people were decked out! Wearing matching t-shirts, character headbands, pins, key chains, bags, you name it, people had it! I don’t know if that is a Japan thing or if all Disney people are that dedicated, if you know, please tell me….I’m so fascinated. Another thing that I think was kinda special to Tokyo Disney is their love of the character ‘Duffy the Bear.’ I had never seen or heard of it, but am under the impression that the love and appreciation of Duffy is especially prominent here. But what do I know!?

Well I know that I’m glad I went once. I can’t think of a reason I’ll ever go back, or to any Disney park again, really. I mean if they’re all basically the same and the rides are all the same….personally, I just don’t get it. For the price and the amount of time spent, I can think of 100 things I’d rather do….But with the millions of people that visit each year, that definitely puts me in the minority!