Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The Skagit Valley is located almost 2 hours north of Seattle. It has two big flower festivals in the spring, first the daffodils (March) and then the tulips (April). I finally, after many years of “someday I’ll go”—actually went!

Thank god I visited on a weekday because even then, it was extremely crowded, the traffic was terrible, and the parking was horrendous. I can’t even imagine what level of hell it would have been if had been a sunny weekend day. But regardless of the patience it required, it was definitely worth it. The fields of brightly colored tulip were beautiful. There are over 300 acres, which boast millions of tulips in an array of colors and varieties. It was worth the wait (but I don’t know if I ever need to return…well, maybe for the daffodils!).